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Virtual Tour 3D

We transform your physical space into a virtual environment, a "digital twin", which the visitor will be able to visit freely, pausing to look in detail at a specific element that most interests them, being able to consult the related information and multimedia content.


You can make themed visits that guide the visitor through the environments that you want to attract his attention the most. A voiceover, or even a real one, can help you better understand the space he is exploring.

Google Streeet View

The digital twins can be published on Google Street View and Google Earth, they are visited directly by the most famous and most used navigation and map apps in the world, giving your space great additional visibility.

Explore Space

Your physical space is transformed into a three-dimensional environment, but absolutely real for the visitor who lives the experience firsthand, studies and experiments in a different reality from the one where his material body is located.

We are able to make the space exploration experience lively and exciting, being able to show spaces, lights, furnishings and objects, as they have been set up.

Visitors will be able to move freely within the three-dimensional environment, from wherever they are and at any time of day or night, using the most comfortable device between a notebook, a smartphone or even via virtual reality viewers (e.g. Meta Quest).


Tags are interactive points that can be associated with selected elements of the virtual environment. Through the TAGs it is possible to show texts, images, videos, audio notes and external links that allow the visitor to deepen their knowledge and to use up-to-date information.

Through this tool, the customer will be able to request information or even purchase a product or book an appointment, all while exploring your digital twin.

An incredible advantage that will allow you to expand your customer base well beyond national borders.

Highlight Reel

Let's imagine that through a video the visitor can be directed towards a virtual thematic path, accompanied by the multimedia content of the tags that describe the environements and its elements.

An incredible experience that allows you to highlight certain areas and, if you wish, to see and talk to people interested in your products or services… even if they are thousands of kilometers away.

Street View

The virtual tour can be sent to Google Business Street View and Google Earth to appear in user searches and be seen directly by the most used navigation apps in the world.

Every time a customer searches on Google, he will be able to access your virtual space and walk inside it.

The visibility of your office will increase thanks to the best score attributed by Google, the world's most important search engine.

Floor Plan View

It is a realistic plan of your space, complete with furnishings and objects, combined with the possibility of applying a label that helps the visitor to identify the single areas and to guide himself in the various environments.

One more opportunity to plan your visit that visitors can take advantage of, even in the case of structures developed on several floors, to always know where they are.

Doll House View

A 3D model of your business that the visitor can explore as if it were in their hands, look at it from every angle and without external walls.

The American company that patented this technology called the "Doll House".

Virtual Reality

Each virtual visit can be enjoyed not only from PCs, tablets and smartphones, but also with a VR viewer (e.g. Meta Quest).

This new technology projects the visitor inside the space allowing him to move using the sensors of the VR viewers, observe the space from the inside while feeling the same emotion of being there.

Tale tecnologia, pur risultando meno fruibile, offre sensazioni incredibili e immersive in una realtà aumentata che il visitatore non potrà che apprezzare.

This technology offers incredible and immersive sensations in an augmented reality that the visitor will only be able to appreciate.

In an increasingly competitive market it becomes increasingly difficult to transform a user or visitor into a customer.

The use of digital technology thus becomes an even more powerful tool for expanding one's audience, even the younger one.

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Roberto Ferri

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Emanuele De Amicis

Co-Founder & Chief Information Officer

Paola Dessì

Chief Marketing Officer

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